Meet The Team

Brian Critchley
Director/ Principal Geoscientist

Brian is the managing director of Geo-4D with over 30 years of industry experience, specialising in offshore and onshore geophysical data collection and processing, and as a consultant involved in the planning, management and implementation of onshore and offshore geophysical and geotechnical surveys. Prior to setting up Geo-4D, Brian’s geoscience-focussed career included gold exploration in Australia, treasure hunting in the Indian Ocean, offshore geophysical data collection around the world, desk-based geoscience consultancy and client repping.


Dave Harrison
Principal Geoscientist

Dave is a skilled consultant geoscientist, with over 14 years of experience in offshore and onshore geotechnics, geophysics, geohazards, sedimentology, geochronology, surveying, GIS and remote sensing. At Geo-4D, Dave largely focuses on the offshore geoconsultancy projects, utilising his multidisciplinary knowledge to develop engineering geological desk studies and predictive ground models, whilst also overseeing the technical aspects of the drone/survey division of Geo-4D, providing guidance and training on the use of various drone payloads and cameras for mapping and surveying purposes.

Chris Brennan
Senior Geoscientist

Chris is a senior geoscientist at Geo-4D, who mostly focusses on the offshore consultancy projects, whilst also supporting the survey side of the business with drone flying and data processing. Prior to working at Geo-4D, Chris studied a BSc and MSc in Geoscience at Keele University before completing a PhD at Royal Holloway focusing on the impact of early salt tectonic processes on post-Permian basin evolution and Mesozoic petroleum systems in the southern North Sea.



Toby Ambler

Toby is a geoscientist at Geo-4D, working mostly on offshore consultancy projects and processing and interpreting drone-based survey datasets in ArcGIS and CAD, as well as conducting occasional onsite photogrammetric and LiDAR surveys with drones. Prior to working at Geo-4D, Toby completed a BSc and MSci in Geology at the University of Bristol, specialising in the volcanological application of drones.

Nick Edgington

Nick is a geoscientist at Geo-4D, working on offshore consultancy projects, largely applying his mathematical mind to cable burial risk assessments and probabilistic anchor strike risk assessment, and also acquiring and processing onsite survey datasets including magnetometry, LiDAR and photogrammetry. Prior to working at Geo-4D, Nick graduated from Cardiff University with a BSc in Mathematics.

Deaglan Bayliss
UAV Operator

Deaglan joined Geo-4D after spending three years in New Zealand working and having fun dodging the pandemic. Before jaunting across the globe, Deaglan worked in TV production as a drone operator filming anything from car boots sales to land speed records for shows on Channel 4, ITV, and Discovery. His academic background is in biology with a degree from Plymouth University, for his final year project he created a computer model to analyse population dynamics.

Liam Cracknell
AI Developer

Liam initially joined Geo-4D as part of his work experience for his T Level in Digital Development at New College. Liam creates computer vision models through machine learning for automatic object detection. Liam is/will be studying artificial intelligence at Oxford Brookes University.

Freddie Allen Stevens
AI Developer

Freddie, a Newcastle University graduate with a BSc in Accounting and Finance, designs AI models for drone imagery at Geo-4D. Concurrently, he leads a start-up crafting custom machine learning models to bolster research in Agriculture and Marine Biology.

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